Monday, January 7, 2013


This was breakfast today..

This vellappam is my mom-in-law's recipe... made without yeast...

- 1 cup idly rice (soaked in water for about 5-6 hours)
- 2 tbsps urad daal (split black gram).. also soaked for 5-6 hours
- half cup cooked rice (parboiled rice)
- half cup grated coconut
- 1 and half tbsp sugar
- salt as required

- Grind the idly rice, urad daal, cooked rice and coconut adding enough water to a paste. The batter should not be too thick nor too thin (It took me a lot of tries to finally get the consistency right. The first few times I made vellappam they turned out rubbery)

- Pour it into an airtight container adding sugar... mix well. It should be kept warm for fermenting for about 12 hours. I usually make it around 6pm evening and use it the next day morning 6 or 7 am for breakfast. During winter you could keep the container in your oven with the light on inside to keep warm. Just the light on, dont turn on the heat. If it does not ferment properly then the appam wont turn out good.

- Add salt just before making the appam. Adjust sugar and salt to ur taste...

- Pour a ladleful of the batter into the middle of an appam chatti (You can use any pan u want but if you want the exact kerala style vellappam, then appam chatti it is!). This is how it looks like... with a lid too...

- Hold the sides of the pan and swirl it so the batter coats all sides to form appam.

- Cover it with the lid and cook until the sides turn slightly crispy and brown.
- Check ur first vellappam's taste... add sugar or salt if needed to the remaining batter and then make the rest... :)


It's an easy breakfast.. as long as u have the batter ready the day before... made some potato curry to go with it...

Enjoy! :)